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Friday, May 23, 2008

Tenacity Pays Off -- Continuing Thoughts of Two days Ago (I Hope)

I am having the same trouble today that I was two days ago when I was going to display the two new decals that I needed to complete my "Brett Favre Super Bowl XXXI" helmet. This morning I finally got at least one to upload -- that would be the photo of the helmet with the Super Bowl logo near the bottom of the helmet that you see pictured.

The other decal is of the what I call "Pete" decal", a decal that was originally designed to be worn on the Super Bowl XXXI helmet because of the passing of former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, who did so much to really establish the National Football League on television and make it as popular as it is today, replacing baseball as the most watched sport in America.

I will try again right now to upload it! (Still no luck!) Maybe I will have to rename it! Stand by.

Okay! So renaming it, and then changing it's position to "center" allowed it to load. Computers -- drive me nuts!

At any rate, both these decals, especially the "Pete" decal are really difficult to come by. I had bought the Super Bowl XXXI decals many months ago and put it aside in hopes of finding the other one.

Finally I hit upon e mailing the gentleman who was manufacturing the SuperBowl XXXI decals. He wrote back and said he had been trying to develop that decal but was not happy with the results, although he thought the one he had might show up well on a yellow helmet. He volunteered to send me one -- which is a really nice thing to do!

When it got here, I was amazed at its quality! I immediately wrote him and asked how much he wanted for it and would he make me two more.

He wrote back saying he wouldn't charge me for the one he sent me but he did not address my request for two more. Later I again wrote to him and told him that I insist on paying for the one he sent and would he please tell me how much he would charge for two more but I still have not received an answer. I also sent him JPG's of the finished helmet so he could see how great they look.

I always like to sing the praises of people who I believe should get their due here on my blog (in hopes that others will read about it and I will have sent more business their way.)

I will let you know in further blogs if the "Pete" decal becomes available on eBay. His Super Bowl XXXI decals have been on eBay at various times. His eBay "handle" is deal4u42 and he is a good man! How can he not be? He lives in Louisiana! Land of Cajun music, black beans and rice, and New Orleans jazz -- oh -- and some guy named Favre. I wonder if he has had a beer at "The Broke Spoke".

If you have been following my blogs lately I know I have been fixated on football helmets, but that's the kind of guy I am -- I go through phases. And I am a collector.

you really should see the office. I have to my right, three shelves of WWII aircraft, to my left, two shelves of WWII armor, and further back, to my left, my shrine to the NFL.

I am still in my NFL phase, which started with collecting jerseys. I have about 52 some NFL jerseys hanging in the house closet. My two favorite were made by Harv Harvison in the Philippines -- both white "away" jerseys of the 1960's Packers. I have a #66 -- Ray Nitschke and a #34 -- kicker Don Chandler, who, incidentally, kicked 4 field goals in the second Super Bowl, helping the Pack run over the Raiders 33-14.

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