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Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Guys From Helmet Hut Send Me Second Photo!

I got this photo of my Riddell TK5 helmet as an attachment in an e mail from Helmet Hut this morning. It took my breath away! MAN! They are doing such precise work on it!

Here's the little note that accompanied the picture:

"Here is the helmet in the next stage. Holes and cracks repaired and the first block sanding of the initial primer. Thanks"

All the extraneous holes that others had drilled have been fiberglassed, as well as the crack that was in the ear piece. You will note that there are small holes going the full circumference of the helmet. After the helmet is painted, the webbing suspension will be mounted and the holes house the rivets which hold the webbing in place.

I am very, very impressed with these guys. First with their very professional attitude and work and also with their willingness to allow me to blog along with the steps as they complete them. And then they THANK ME? No -- 'tis I should be and am thanking them for allowing me (us) to follow along with this project as it is completed.

So stay tuned! There will be more photographs down the road!


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