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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bart Starr Helmet Completed By Helmet Hut

Yesterday I got an e mail from my friends and fine artisans at Helmet Hut of Warsaw, Indiana, who have been working diligently on restoring a Riddell TK5 (1960's) football helmet to my specifications representing the helmet of Bart Starr MVP of both Super Bowls One and Two.

I have long planned on setting up a display in my office of the two helmets and their accompanying jerseys under glass as a memorial to Green Bay Packer Super Bowls One and Two and Super Bowl Thirty One.

Through diligent searching of the internet, I found the decals I needed to make a replica of the helmet that Brett Favre wore, as well as the correct face mask. If you go back further in my blogs you will find the Favre helmet with the "Pete" decal which was displayed in honor of late commissioner Pete Rozelle's passing.

Yesterday I received a telephone call from the guys at Helmet Hut, saying that they are finished with the helmet and will be shipping it this week. They apologized about the lack of the Packer "G" logo being on the sides of the helmet, but NFL rules and copyright forbid their painting them on and they asked that I understand.

I suspected this would happen and know ways aruond that! I had found the "G" decals elsewhere on the internet, and although they are of heavier mil than the original, they will suffice.

So here are the final pictures Helmet sent me. Man! They do great work!

Now I just have to get myself booked at a banquet that Bart is speaking at also and get it autographed!


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