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Monday, May 26, 2008

E Mail From Artist/Poet Tiit Raid

I just received a really poetic e mail from Tiit Raid down in Fall Creek -- not only can he paint -- he can really write:


It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood...7:33 am...the sun is out with a gentle breeze and everything is green, green , green.

Sunday...yesterday...it was cloudy and it looked like rain all day...but we didn't get any until in the early evening. I was in the back yard hitting golf balls...the wind picked up and dark clouds started rolling in from the north...the kind that billow at the bottom and have the soft looking rounded shapes...the trees are moving in every direction...it looks really 'cool'...then a few rain drops. The 'billowy' clouds move on...the wind dies down...and behind the dark clouds it is a solid, single toned gray...kind of a beigh and light greenish...the rain picks up...it is nice and steady with signs that it could last awhile.

The rain gets heavier and I go to my studio to paint and watch the rain from the window...the storm-warning folks are showing a tornado watch to the far south...towards La Crosse...88 miles south. There is some thunder...but it is one continueous roar...I think it is the train coming by...it sounds just like it except a little louder. I go to the front porch and open the door to listen...the rain is light by this time...and the roar is steady...have never heard anything like it...there is of course rolling thunder that starts off in the distance and moves across the sky...this is different.
The roaring sky is to the south and slightly right of where I'm standing...I'm thinking that the folks south of us are really getting it...the roar continues...it is very steady and load and very slightly raising and lowering in volume...the thought of a tornado comes to mind...witnesses say that it sounds like a train...I keep listening...the center of the sound is slowly moving to the left...or east. The rain begins to pick up again and soon we have hail...not much...and everything has cooled down from a damp warm...I listen to the roaring sky until it slowly moves to the far left...like I said...I've never heard anything like it before...the rain is quite heavy now and have to close the porch door.

Ann has turned on the local weather-warning-boys...Eau Claire got a inch and a half of rain...some streets are flooded...but no tornado reports around our area. In southern Minnesota and northern Iowa some die in the tornados.

I go back to the studio...the rain begins to let up after about twenty minutes...then stops...the sky gets lighter and the yard and trees 'light-up' to this spectacular green...kind of a glowing slightly yellowish green-green...it looks amazing. The visuals continue for the next 1/2 hour-45 minutes...the 'green-glow' gradually darkens to a deep, dense yellowish-green...and slowly, slowly fads to darkness. With all of the rain the waterfalls is roaring...the full length of the dam is one large mother-of-a-water-feature...this happens every time we get a bunch of rain.

This morning we have a cloudless sky and blazing sun...hope there is a little coolness in the air...at least this morning...(had my second cup of high octane)...time to check it out.




I was down to his house not too long ago to pick up one of my little accordions to sell on eBay and he is doing really well. The leukemia is in full remission. He is such a beautiful man and he has an attitude to match!

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