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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Final Photos From Good Folks At Helmet Hut

Here is the final series of photographs fro the artesans at Helmet Hut that have been restorng my "Bart Starr" TK5 helmet to its original glory. I think that you will agee these guys really know what they are doing!

Throughout the entire process they have been in constant contact with me to be certain that it was being completed just as I wanted it. The other day I got this e mail from them:


We are ready to put on the rear numbers. We can do this two ways, paint them on using stencils (this is the way it was done) Or put on our super thin 2 mil vinyl numbers that are exact duplications, will look perfect and will just last for ever. The only way to tell the difference is the painted on ones will not look as nice esthetically. You tell us what to do. Thanks"

Helmet Hut

I opted for the 2 mil vinyl numbers.

Yesterday I got a long distance call from them explaining that they were finished with the helmet and would be shipping it. They apologized about the fact that they could not put the well known "G" on the sides of the helmet as it would be breaking some sort of copyright laws with the Packers and NFL rules. I found it pretty disappointing, but fortunately, there are ways around that (I HAVE DONE MY HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH) and I already have those decals here at the office that I will apply myself when the helmet gets here.

Unfortunately, these decals won't be quite as authentic as the originals which were put on in two separate applications, first the green football-shaped background, then the white "G" over the green in a two mil decal. the new decals are one piece, much heavier (20 mil) decals but they will look great on the helmet.

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