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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Story From Below Continues -- Where's My Luck Now?

Almost a year ago, I found an almost unused Packer gold (can ya' say "yellow?") helmet with a gray face mask. I jumped at the chance to bid on it and won!

Then I managed to get the decals necessary to turn it into a Packer helmet with the big "G" and the three stripes. (See photo -- I also bought the proper color mask -- dark green -- and installed that on the helmet.

Then this Spring I decided I wanted it to be a salute to Brett Favre's Super Bowl XXXI season but I needed two decals: the Super Bowl XXXI decal, and the "Pete" decal the players wore in honor of Pete Rozelle, former commissioner of the league who died previous to the game.

So I began sifting and searching the net. I found the XXXI decal first. I set it aside. Eventually, frustrated, I wrote to the gentleman who sold me the super Bowl decal and asked if he had access to the "Pete" decal -- amazingly he wrote back and said that he had been trying to make them but didn't like the way they turned out, but would send me one!

I got it yesterday and put it on the helmet today and I think it looks great! So my Brett Favre salute is complete!

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