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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lord Send Me Some Work!

If you are one of those who checks to see what the blog has to say, you know that it hasn't had much to say lately. I have been in a real struggle with depression brought on by worry. I get the "worries" from my mother's make up. Alice was a worrier. Big time.

Truth is, there has been good reason to worry but I musn't let it control me! The economy is shit and it shows in mny booking schedule. Yesterday I also just lost the one gig I thought I might have in June.

So it looks like it's back to rummaging around looking for stuff to put up for sale on eBay to try and tide me over.

Yesterday and today there were some glimmers of hope which have really helped. My manager, Liz, got a call from the Weyawega School District and I have a solid booking for August 28th for the Weyawega School District Fall Inservice.

I also will be doing a pizza party on August 9, the week after we get back from our trip to visit John in Oregon.

Speaking of father John, the "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" tour of 2009 is starting to take shape for May of 2009. We are hoping to do three performances while he is back. The first will be in Merrill, Wisconsin, at a location to be decided, on Friday night, May 15.

Saturday night, May 16, we are all but certain (contracts still not signed) of performing at the Heyde Center For the Arts in Chippewa Falls. It is a really beautiful room to work a show and I have a feeling we will draw a really big crowd.

Sunday afternoon, May 17, we are hoping to land the performance at the Tainter Theatre in Menomonie, Wisconsin, to finish the mini-tour in our own back yard, 8 miles from where we grew up together on the farm.

We are also working on releasing a comedy DVD entitled "Living On the Edge" with a performance sometime in July in Eau Claire.

We are also discussing doing a show in Rhinelander sponsored by a radio station there that plays "The Wood Tick Song" every summer.

Incidentally -- "The Wood Tick Song" has been their consistently most requested song every summer for the last four years!


The ongoing saga with Hitachi appears (and I say "appears" because who knows for certain) to be nearing some sort of finality. A courier company came and picked the set up yesterday so at least it is no longer in the house and I don't have to look at it and curse at it anymore!

Let me remind those who are reading this once more. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HITACHI. There customer relations is absolutely abominable and the customer is far from number one with them.

Keep in mind that we have been dealing with them on this issue since mid April and probably will not get a settlement check until mid June.


sorry I've been gone so long. It's the blues!

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