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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kim Wilson Shines At Retirement Dinner - Reverence of Her Peer Group Impresses

Thursday evening, May 22, marked the annual banquet for retiring teachers from the Eau Claire Public Schools. It was truly an evening of celebration for both Kim and for me, knowing that in less than 10 days, we will have all of our own time together to plan events and just be!

To the left you can see Kim's picture being shown on the big screen, as she is being congratulated by the powers that be (in the right hand corner of the photo). Kim's comments while her picture was up the screen were great. She told of special moments with her kindergartners and the wonderfully funny and innocent things they say in class. She bought the house down with her final quote from a little five year old boy who told her: "Miss Wilson, I have a penis problem."
She wore a tee shirt that she designed herself and that we drove up to "Paw Prints" the previous Saturday to have made up -- and believe me, with Kim as a teacher -- Kindergarten did, indeed, ROCK! Eau Claire is not only losing a dedicated teacher, but a loving second mother to all the young children who past through her door. She is a great disciplinarian. I know as I have watched her work in her room and her students got away with nothing under her watchful eye.
In one of the photos you see her visiting with Dr. Marvin Lansing who was the Superintendent of Schools that hired Kim thirty two years ago. Marv is the best superintendent and friend of education that Eau Claire ever has had. There are those in power who could learn a thing or two from this man!

I often kid him that he is responsible for my being married to Kim. Coming off a very troubled relationship, I was very wary of committing to marriage and Kim and I lived together for nearly five years.

At one point, Dr. Lansing called Kim in and told her that it didn't look good for the two of us to be "living together". We married shortly after that.

It was definitely not a mistake.

It was really good that I was there with Kim last night if only to see how much she is admired by her fellow teachers and aides. I don't think there is anyone in the system that put in longer hours than she did, arriving at 7:10AM and hardly ever leaving the building until 6PM.

Kim gave her heart and soul to all those innocent little souls in her keep. Eau Claire is a much better community for having had her contribution over all these years. And just look at her! The years don't even show. I find her more attractive today than the day I met her.

My fervent prayer is that I can be a giving and helpful mate to her as she begins a new phase in her life. She loves her foot rubs and back scratches and I am THE MAN!

She loves the movies.

Now we can stay up as late as we want - and watch movies while I rub her feet morning, noon, and night!

I am hoping that after we spend so much money on our trip to Oregon to further celebrate her retirement in late July, early August, that we will have enough money come October when the leaves are at their most glorious on the Mississippi, to rent a houseboat and take a three or four day cruise down the river together in celebration.

I haven't pushed this next item much yet, but when we get back from Oregon, I am going to begin lobbying to adopt a couple of furry little children from the Humane Society. I still miss Harley and Hannah every day!

So congratulations, Miss Wilson, for a job well done. You were matchless in your profession and I am proud to be on your arm.


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