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Monday, May 19, 2008

First "Fruits" of Spring

Here it is mid-May and the morning temperatures are still hovering just above freezing. I am still chilled just walking overe here to start my day and I am still scrounging around for scraps to burn in the stove to take the morning chill off the place.
But if you look carefully at the photo furthest left, you will see a solitary sprout of wild asparagus springing forth. I was over there the other day and there was no sign at all that there would be a return. Then I came back and had to discard my clothes and shower to get rid of the damn wood ticks! I found four!
The second photo is of the chives I planted mid summer last summer. They seem to have survived the winter and are doing pretty well. Last week I put a little "Miracle Grow" on them -- jut in case. I do love my chives with scrambled eggs!

The third photo is of my rhubarb patch out behind my office. Looks like in a couple of weeks i will be able to start making rhubarb custard pies -- my personal favorites! warm with a little dollup of ice cream or some whipped cream!

(I just previewed my "layout" and the directions I give for looking at the photos don't match up at all, but I think you can figure out asparagus from chives from rhubarb!


I probably won't finish writing this blog before the guys from Kjelstad Plumbing arrive to save us from the trials we have been going through of hot water that smells like rotten eggs. Our present hot water h eater has to be totally replaced. We have tried chlorinating it at least two times and the damn bacteria just keeps coming back.

If it ain't one damn thing, it's another. At least the cold well water isn't contaminated (knock on wood) and we don't have the extra expense of shocking the well.

Still no satisfaction from frickin' Hitachi -- they haven't even picked up the set yet much less sent us a check in settlement. We are going to start calling them nightly!

Meanwhile I continue to pay for Directv with nothing to watch it on. As I said, if it ain't one damn thing, it's another. I can understand how people end up on the roof of a mall with a high powered rifle!


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