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Friday, March 28, 2008

Stove Wood Depleted, Tax Man Looms

One of the final signs that Spring may, indeed, be well on its way is when I find myself forced to forage through the "snow cone" snow to find what's left over from last year's stove wood that didn't make it up on the decking for lack of room.
So at 5:30 this morning, here I was, stepping gingerly through the crystalized-snow plow-piled snow, in the dark, attempting to reach the firewood lurking just below the surface, to take the chill off the little bungalow before my friend and business manager, Marketeer Liz Fischer arrives for popovers and strong coffee.

Hard to believe that I have gone through the entire impressive stack of wood pictured before April Fool's Day, but a picture, they say, is worth a thousand blogs.

Of course with temperatures rapidly climbing to above freezing and the oven cranked up to 400 degrees to get the popovers to pop properly (try saying that ten times really fast) by the time Elizabeth got here, it was way too warm to strategize comfortably.

Just a bit ago I checked the stove and it was down to some glowing coals. I thought about just letting it go out, but then decided I best add a little more wood at a time -- for as evening and night bring dropping temps, I can stay away from burning propane.

So I split what I could find freed by today's meltage (I know that's not a word, but I love it anyway)and added just a few small pieces to keep it going.

I felt that our meeting this morning was very profitable. Liz is a good mind when it comes to marketing! We first discussed the loss of the job at Country Fest in June, a 4 day gig that would have made the rest of summer worry free as to whether any work came in or not.

The owners of Country Fest had really wanted me this summer, but are working with a less than cooperative stage manager who runs the show anyway he damn well pleases and they foresaw that it would be most frustrating for me to be working under the tyranny. However, the really great news is that this is the last year of the present stage manager's contract and I am almost assuredly going to be involved with Country Fest for the following three to four years.

Still, I am not holding my breath. Hell, a lot can happen in a year's time. I am not a young man anymore.

We also discussed contacting all the Wisconsin Chambers of Commerce with an eye on landing some outdoor festival work. For years I was a hot ticket for Durand Fun Fest, the Gilmanton Fair, the Mondovi Fair, Irvington Days, and a myriad of other festivals.

But I got lost in the shuffle somewhere along the way.

I also would like to work at Jake's at the Tiki bar this summer -- if any of you just happen to be out for Prime rib in the next couple of months it would be much appreciated if you would drop a subtle hint to John Lynch -- something like: "Gee, we missed seeing Larry out here last summer. When will he be working here this summer?

I could really use your help!

Liz and I also discussed getting back to the comedy club at the bowling lanes in Schofield, Wisconsin, sometime this summer.

Other items in the discussion stages include: making a video of The Vasectomy song to have ready by next Fall when i entertain the Nurses Association of Wisconsin. the transference of a comedy cassette tape onto CD, and beginning long range planning for next Spring's Heagle Brothers whirlwind four day tour with "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" Father John Heagle and Larry Heagle Carry Each Other For An Evening.

Hopefully we will be performing it in Menomonie, Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Wausau -- all within a four day span so that John can get back to being a priest again!

We did the show years ago to raise money for the retirement fund of the Sisters of Saint Bede's and I am proud to say that we raised nearly ten thousand dollars in one night!

this time we are going to unabashedly inform the audiences that again we are raising money for charity -- a retirement fund for the two brothers --charity, you know, begins at home!


Tomorrow is a day of dread. TAX MAN! I have everything together for the meeting. I always think I do, anyway, until I get there and end up taking home a list of about 14 things I forgot to do. Pray for me, okay?


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