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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No More Foot Dragging! Tax Prep Coming Up Saturday

Have to figure out where I can put up more shelves for my NFL helmet display. I like the way this Kenny Stabler Raider helmet came together today. I had received the helmet over two weeks ago and while I was awaiting both the decals and the Dunbar face mask that Stabler made famous during his playing days, I was able to give the helmet multiple coats of silver paint and then used nearly an entire can of clear coat sealant on it.

This early afternoon the mail man brought me both the face mask and the decals so I was able to get it finished.

I found out that the Dunbar face mask is pretty rare -- I got mine through eBay from a private party for a little over thirty dollars. this morning I found a website that sells the self same duplicate for ninety nine dollars!

I love that when it happens!

When I was but a boy, I loved building plastic models of WWII air craft. Trouble is, I just couldn't wait until the paint dried to get to the finishing touches of adding the decals. I get the same rush with these projects. I also feel that I am getting better at putting them together.

Last night I won the helmet that I will be using to make my Joe Namath Super Bowl Three model. I was really surprised to get it for twenty six dollars! And the seller I dealt with is the first one who didn't inflate the shipping cost -- only eight bucks for the shipping.

I have another Riddell helmet that I won that is on the way -- and will be making it into a Ray Nitschke line man helmet. Either that or a Brett Favre.


I was up early this morning, knowing that I have been foot-dragging long enough and that today I needed to get started on compiling all my tax stuff. I am about half way through at this point. I only stopped to look at the clock after having coffee at 7A.M. and it was noon!

Kim is not coming home after school today. It's dinner out with the Get-Away-Girls so I will be able to get back to it yet again tonight.

Before I do, however, I have to get a Rude, Crude, and Poor CD packaged up to mail to Melissa Kullman. She is married to my RCU loan guy, Nick, and I stopped in to get all the tax papers I need from him this morning.

While I was there I was admiring the pictures of his daughter and he informed me that Melissa will be having another child towards the end of May. I told him that it's time for the big "V" and Nick laughed because Melissa has been bringing up that very subject quite often lately.

So I am mailing her the CD with a note explaining that she should play the Vasectomy Song every time Nick comes home from work!


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