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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've Got Something For You -- The Bird!

I was recalling two incidents with the "youth of America" with Kim yesterday. The first one concerns a junior high age boy that I encountered in the parking lot of the mall.

I had just made the turn in to the main entrance of the mall when out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement. Here comes this kid on his skateboard, running right in front of me! I hit the brakes to avoid hitting him and as he rolls in front of my windshield, he gives me the finger.

Every time I think of that incident now, I wish I had at least gunned it and headed for him, stopping at the last second, if not at least bumping him off his damn skateboard! At the time, I was just too stunned to react, I guess.

Another time at the mall, I was attempting to back out of a tight parking place in a very crowded situation when I heard a car horn. Only being about a fourth of the way out of the parking spot, I couldn't really see, but I assumed someone was passing through, so I pulled back in to my parking place.

When I went to back up again, the same thing happened. I should have known right then, but I am a bit slow. I cursed under my breath, thinking someone else was trying to get by and pulled back in to my spot.

When it happened a third time, I looked more closely behind me, and there they were, three kids sitting in a car, doubled over in laughter!

My third anecdote i about the time I stopped at McDonald's to grab a hamburger. It was a McDonald's where if you were staying in your car, you placed your order, then moved to the first window to pay, then waited until the car ahead of you moved on.

Ahead of me was a car with two college girls. After they placed their order, they moved to the pay window, made their transaction and then moved just beyond that point and stopped.

I made my payment and stayed a comfortable distance behind the car of girls. I could see them in animated conversation. Soon I could see the attendant at the pick up window trying to get their attention, waving their bag of food from the window. Still they continued to visit, oblivious to their surroundings.

Finally, in an attempt to be helpful, I just tapped my horn -- it was not a long blast -- just a tap. the girls both turned to look back at me -- I pointed toward the pick up window -- they both turned to look where I was pointing.

Then they both turned back towards me and gave me the finger before moving forward to pick up their bag of food!


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