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Friday, March 21, 2008

Summer, Fall Plans Being Made -- Damn I wish I Were Independently Wealthy!

Got the correct answer (I knew he would know it!) from MPLSPCKR on my recent trivia question(s). The legendary Tom Landry coached the NY Giant defense while Vincent Lombardi coached the offense.

Currently I am working on a replica of an Oakland Raiders helmet -- haven't decided if it will be a Kenny Stabler or a Howie Long at this point. It all depends upon which face mask I can round up from eBay.

I have never really been much of a Raiders fan, but Ken Stabler and Howie Long are difficult not to appreciate.


I was pleased to hear from Jeff Johnson today! Jeff is a former student of my wife's! Way back in kindergarten. He is now a writer living in New York City. He wrote to tell me that he has enjoyed following my adventures of making replicas of NFL helmets. Too cool!

Maybe next time I fly out to visit Jon and David, maybe I can meet him for lunch.

Kim and I have been discussing both Summer and Fall plans. Father John would like as many of the family as possible to fly out to Oregon this coming early August to celebrate those who are retiring and I think that we are going! We would fly into Portland and rent a car and drive down the Oregon coast to John's house on the beach.

He has a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean out a huge picture window, about 75 yards from the ocean. H e just happens to be in an area where the whales migrate on their way north and south.

I told Kim some time ago that I want to treat her to a rented house boat trip on the Mississippi River this coming Fall, just to ease the pain of not being in the class room for the first time in over thirty years. I can't think of anything more beautiful and peaceful than being on the big river during the time when the Fall colors are at their peak, cruising down river, tying up at an island, cooking supper over a campfire, and then listening to the lapping of the current while we drift off to sleep.

Gotta do it! Life is too short!


Kim made it back safely from her time up in Minneapolis visiting her folks. I was a bit worried all day as she drove back during the snow storm. ENOUGH with the snow already! Bring on the warmth and sunshine of true Spring!

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