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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sports Fan Makes Good -- Robert Rothschild Makes Good Also -- Jam, That Is


I was duly impressed this week when I found the above URL in my mailbox! When you get a chance, paste it in your browser and take look-see.

It's my pal, Andy Hyman of Distant Replays in Atlanta, who got big time coverage on CNN on a video news article on the importance of starting small in doing something that you really enjoy doing and building a business from there. Truly inspirational!

Although Andy and I have never met personally (I intend to take care of that in the future with a trip to Atlanta just to meet him and check out the store) I really feel that he is a friend of mine as we have been giving each other shit in e mails for a couple of years now.

Andy has a friend, Barry Rubin, who was the strength and conditioning coach for the Packers under Coach Sherman. While Barry was in Green Bay, he invited Andy and some of his staff to come up to Green Bay for a game. Good to know that Andy has walked hallowed ground.

Barry lost his job when Coach McCarthy took over, but in a recent e mail from Andy, he was pleased to tell me that Barry is now with Andy Reid, who was an assistant coach under Sherman while Barry was there. So i suppose that Mr. Hyman will be taking a trip to Philly sometime this next Fall to check out the Eagles.

I blame Andy Hyman for my beginning a collection of NFL helmets! I originally contacted him about a throwback, 1960's style Packer helmet and he assured me that the helmet he would provide could actually be worn on my head -- one of my quirky qualifications -- but when it arrived, it was way too small!

So I called Mr. Hyman and we had a bit of a confrontation that led him to send the two photos you see pictured, demonstrating that one can, indeed, get the helmet on -- by removing the jaw pads! (which by the by, when you put the helmet on, hurts like hell because of the three studs inside the helmet on each side that the jaw pads snap into !)

In addition, look how silly that small a helmet looks on that big of a head. (I can't imagine how much bigger his head has gotten since CNN).

So, determined to have it my way, I began to search eBay and find helmets that I could make into NFL copies. Recently I found a yellow helmet which I am making into my Brett Favre helmet once the decals and correct face mask arrive. Arriving this week will be a white Riddell helmet that I will be transforming into a Joe Namath Super Bowl Three Jets helmet. I already have the correct face mask and all the decals on hand.


As long as I am "putting in plugs" for people and stuff I like, I want to talk about Robert Rothschild Farm products of Ohio -- gourmet foods you can order online. I was first introduced to their products when a friend of mine gave me a gift basket. One of the items was a jar of Rothschild strawberry-rhubarb preserves.

All I can say is GOTT IN HIMMEL! Absolute ambrosia. I nursed that one jar along for months, just using a bit at a time on my Bay's English Muffins or my home made popovers or even my home made butter milk pancakes.

When I licked the jar dry, I went seraching for theri web site and the first thing I did was order an entire case of those preserves. I think that is endorsement enough, don't you??

Now, be warned, If and when you go to their site, be prepared for "sticker shock". Eleven ounce jars go for $7.69. And I say they are worth every penny!

I have only ordered and tried the strawberry-rhubarb but they have others that sound equally as tempting, such as: seedless raspberry, triple berry, wild Maine blueberry, peach pie jam, apricot pumpkin butter, and cranberry pomegranate, just to name some.

You can find them online at:




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