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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After making about two trips a week to share a large bowl of their "Soppa de Pollo", I thought it time to share this epicurean find with anyone interested and in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area.

The restaurant is a relatively new Mexican restaurant on London Road, a building that has a history of changing hands. It first opened as a fast service steak place ("Steak Bonanza"?), then closed and reopened as a Malaysian food restaurant and I really enjoyed the food there. It was a little expensive for the locals, but the menu was excellent, in my opinion.

That also closed within a short time and then reopened as a billiards hall - another relatively short lived operation.

The present operation is Tequila Azul, and although I haven't explored the entire menu ( after Kim ordered the Soppa de Pollo, that's all she orders) of the two main course meals I had, I found the beef enchilada to be excellent, but the enchilada rancheros (three cheese enchiladas covered with a chunky pork, onion, green pepper, enchilada sauce, fell well below the same at El Patio restaurant which is run by my friend, Alexandro Castro.

Kim and I, as I said earlier, have taken to having lunch there and asking for one bowl of the chicken soup for the two of us. I always tell the waiter that there is no need to divide it into two servings as Kim and I are able to share without fighting.. One bowl for two? It is enough, as the serving is in a very large bowl. What makes this soup the soup that we consider the best soup in Eau Claire bar none, is the absolute abundance of chunky chicken breast meat, fresh cilantro, lots of rice, slices of fresh avacado (yum), served with hot flour tortillas and lime juice to spritz over the soup before digging in.

Sometimes we make it supper. Then we might add a order of chips and their white cheese sauce, which is better than the white cheese sauce at Cancun, and equal to the white sauce at El Patio.

As much as I love margaritas, I don't order them much anymore. Kim always goes with water with lotsa lemon, and I do too, except sometimes I will opt for lemonade which substitutes for the citrus of a margarita, and goes so well with the flavors of the food.

Thus endeth my first food review.


Recently went through a credit card shake up and cancelled all my cards for a short period. I want to give props to the FedEx Corporation for writing a nice letter as opposed to a nasty letter about the fact that:

""Your recent shipments were charged to the credit card listed on your FedEx account. The credit card company did not provide a reason due to the confidentiality of that information.

We are sedning an invoice for the shipping charges that were rejected. To ensure this FedEx account remains in good standing, you will need to:
1. Pay all charges declined by the credit card company
2. Update your credit information or change to another credit card."

the letter then gave me the option of doing the above on line or calling an 800 number - with an agent to assist you. Which I did, he was very pleasant, we got it all cleared up in no time.

Thank you FEDEX!


Still no word from MacMan on my IMac. Just as well - can't pay for it right now anyway.


I was thinking about humor last night while I soaked my aching ankle. I have never found puns very attractive as comedy because mostly they illicit groans. I suppose I should save some up for either hostile or complacent audiences.

When I was at Eau Claire College (one buildng, then) Tom Swiftys were all the rage - resurrected from the 1930's.

Example: "I'll be a son of a bitch," said Larry doggedly.

Yeh, I know what you mean.

However the best "Tom Swifty", using a descriptive adverb as the final word of a sentence, was one I came up with in the Blugold room over morning coffee with fellow students. A lovely young miss named Mary Flatley came sauntering in and sat down at the table - and I said:

"I need a new bra." said Mary flatly.

Extra points for using her actual last name!

Here are tolerable puns that took me hours of research to find:

Show me a blacksmith who makes hardware for bath rooms and I'll show you a man that is forging ahead.

The first artificial fish: A plastic sturgeon

At a flea circus, a dog came along and stole the show.

The city of Chunking, China, was captured by the Japanese. An hour later they wanted to capture it again.

And my favorite:

Being an entertainer is a lot like being an elevator operator. It's not the ups and downs that bother me so much -- It's the jerks!

(Please God, let that one pop into my head for the next heckle.)



Constance McMillen's story has struck a chord with people all across the country.

She's an 18 year-old lesbian student in Mississippi, and her high school canceled the prom rather than let her attend with her girlfriend.

The ACLU took up her case because schools shouldn't treat students differently or worse because of who they are. A federal judge agreed with us last week. While he stopped short of ordering the school to put the prom back on, he did rule that school officials had violated Constance's First Amendment right to freedom of expression by canceling the prom.

This is an important victory that sends a message to school administrators everywhere that they cannot discriminate against students and get away with it. And clients like Constance, who bravely stood up for what she knew was right, are absolutely critical to everything the ACLU is able to accomplish.



From 6-10 in 2008, to 11-5 in 2009, analysts and so-called experts have put forward the simple yet promising statement that the Green Bay Packers of today are possibly a mere draft pick away from Super Bowl success. It is vital that Ted Thompson gets this NFL Draft right, and more importantly selects the right pick to better help the Green Bay Packers in the ever-so-tough NFC North division.

With free safety Taylor Mays and offensive tackle Anthony Davis currently leading the speculation votes for potential Packer draft picks, there are both the pros and cons of each player,

For the Packers, Davis brings potential, opportunity and some talent to the position. Nearly immovable once forced off the line, Davis would provide that much needed protection for Aaron Rodgers, who is all to familiar with the taste of Lambeau Field turf.

If there's one thing that we notice about the Packers of new, it is youth. Although criticised at times, it has worked wonder for Mike McCarthy, and the addition of Anthony Davis could be a move that prevents that last minute hit to fumble in the NFC Wildcard Game.

So who should Green Bay consider out of these two prospects? Well to tell you the truth, the decision isn't easy. It's like choosing between that expensive and great looking toy (Taylor Mays) and that old reliable one that just gets the job done (Anthony Davis).

However, the Packers needs must be kept in mind; therefore, Anthony Davis is just the more sensible pick.

Yes, the Oakland Raiders are in the hunt for him, but if Green Bay play their cards right, Davis may just land in their lap like a snowflake.

Talented, young and ready to play, Davis is more than ready to protect beloved No. 12. Let's just hope that Ted Thompson thinks so.

(Gleaned from an article by Ryan Cook)

If you are an interessted Green Bay Packer fan, check out the story on Al Harris' attempt to make a comeback from a very bad nknee injury at:




The White House counsel ideally serves as the president's conscience.

But late last year, Barack Obama's conscience was surgically removed.

Greg Craig, as Obama's top lawyer, was the point man on a number of hot-button issues, the fieriest being how to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Craig argued for holding fast to the principles that Obama outlined before he became president, regardless of the immediate political consequences -- an idealistic approach that, in a White House filled with increasingly pusillanimous pragmatists, earned him some powerful enemies.

After a steady drip of leaks over a period of months to the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets to the effect that his days were numbered, Craig finally resigned in November.

He was replaced by Robert Bauer, a politically adept consummate Washington insider whose expertise is in campaign finance law -- in short, a man whose job is to win elections, not defend principles.

At the same time, Attorney General Eric Holder has been increasingly marginalized and cut out of the White House decision-making loop. So now the coast is clear for the White House to make important legal and national security calls on purely political grounds.

The only question that remains is whether Obama himself will have any last-minute qualms about turning his back on his own principles.

Don't hold your breath.



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Kirk said...

That restaurant is fairly good. I love their wolf noodle soup. The salad with balsa shavings is a bit unique and the dessert of poon flavored jello with hair in it was very good.