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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Some time ago I got it in my head that I wanted to get Fred "Fuzzy" Thurston's autograph as I have been immersing myself in the '60's Packers colorful history and having been in contact with Mr. Thurston back in the day when he had a club called The Left Guard up and thriving in Eau Claire, and knowing that he is originally from Altoona, I thought It only appropriate that his helmet be the center piece of my Packer Shrine.

So of course, I worked bass ackwards and had Helmet Hut of Warsaw, Indiana, design a helmet especially made to look exactly like the helmet that Fuzzy donned in 1961.

After receiving it, I wrote an e mail to Fuzzy's club on Mason Street in Green Bay telling "Tori" that my wife and I would like very much to make a road trip to Title Town sometime this Spring (my birthday?) expressly to get Mr. Left Guard's signature.

Weeks went by.


I called the club one afternoon and talked to a woman bar tender who when I asked about the possibility of carrying out my plan said that Fuzzy wasn't around that much during the off season. I said I would be glad to leave the helmet there to be autographed at his leisure and she said not without pre-paying the shipping first. (Like I would make such a Philistine move). Then she suggested I contact fuzzy's son, Mark, manager who was best reached at just after 10 AM.

I decided I would first write a snail mail explaining what I wanted, which I did, with all due politeness.

Weeks went by.


So today, after googling Fuzzy again, I found his quote, took this photo of the intended helmet, and attached it to the following e mail:


Taking the great advice of Mr. Thurston himself, I am never, never going to quit in my pursuit of getting his autograph on the above likeness of his Packer helmet from 1961 because as he so aptly puts it, "You've always got a chance!"

The helmet pictured was manufactured 'specially for me by Mr. Curtis Worrell of Helmet Hut in Warsaw, Indiana. and I have written several times requesting instructions on how I might get Fuzzy's autograph so that I may have it encased dead center in my Packer shrine.

My wife and I would love to take a road trip to Title Town with the specific purpose of obtaining the autograph. If Mr. Thurston is unavailable at this time, I would certainly be willing to leave the helmet in your capable hands (in a pre-paid Fed Ex shipping box, of course). I would really be grateful for at least some sort of response from you or if you are not management, from someone who is.

Might as well - because (see below)

Larry Heagle

"Never, never quit until it's over. You've always got a chance."
Fuzzy Thurston


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