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Monday, March 22, 2010


SOMETIMES DOING THE RIGHT THING IS NOT POPULAR. This does not make it less right.

Last night The People's House, the House of Representatives, by too narrow a margin, passed a comprehensive health care bill. It has been way too long in coming. This morning good old Senator MCain labeled it "a government takeover", parroting Fox News, and the Tea Party.

The passage supposedly goes against two thirds of the wishes of Americans and the Party of No will fight to repeal it. Says who? That is certainly not the way this American feels.

Yesterday, a black congressman was spat upon on his way into the Capitol building and called nigger. Barney Frank received the epithet of faggot. That alone tells me that the party of NO is also the party of bigotry and intolerance.

The shoe is on the other foot now. And Sarah Palin's rednecks are "mad as hell".

I want to make clear my own personal position. I have always considered myself to be an independent. I judge each candidate for their stands on issues. I actively worked for the election of Senator Barry Goldwater. In my opinion, the last great president this country had was Harry Truman who took no shit from anybody.

I am already feeling betrayed by President Obama for continuing to wage war in the Middle East. But I am encouraged with the passing of the health bill. Did you know that the highest percentage of bankruptcies in this country are caused by crushing medical costs when insurance companies cut their clients loose to live or die on their own?

This country always has the money to make war. Now the hue and cry is that the health care plan is gong to bankrupt the country. Idiotic! Where the hell were these naysayers during the last seven years of George W's own special war to avenge is daddy?

We as a people had better take some time to be introspective about ourselves and our attitudes toward the poor, the needy, the not as fortunate. I am ashamed of our overall attitudes. And now, when we finally get a strong leader who wants to do what he thinks is just, we label him a nazi and a socialist in the same breath.



Last thursday, Kim and I took in an evening of live music at The Red Parrot (formerly Jimmy Woo's Pagoda). Owner Terry Voss is to be commended for his courageous effort to provide area citizens with the opportunity to hear the best regional bands and artists perform.

We lucked out and stumbled upon a "The Sue Orfield Band Presents" evening. Sue (a very hot saxophone player and a charismatic performer) is backed by the best bass player in town, Mr. Randy Sinz, who also sings better than anybody, drummer Dave Schrader of Menomonie, a veritable metronome, and lead guitarist Mike Schlenker, who in addition to being a premier lead player in several bands, is also a much requested studio guitarist.

The Special Guest Series which has been running for some time now, featured singer, songwriter Tony Basley on this particular evening. Tony has a very engaging personality and is an outstanding lyricist, and we enjoyed him!

Coming up on April 22 the featured guest performer will be Greg Gilbertson followed by Brian Bethke on May 27. All the artist series begin at 6:30 PM and finish by 9:30PM, a grea time slot if you work during the week as you can be home and in bed when you should be.

If you haven't stopped in to check The Red Parrot out, please take the time to do so - Voss is featuring live music four nights a week. He really needs the support of the entire valley community if he is to say in business.

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