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Thursday, March 4, 2010


First night on the new Apnea Relief machine and maybe it's just my imagination but even though I am writing this just after returning form the mandatory early morning potty run, I feel as though I got five hours of genuine rest last night. Knock wood. Guess I am a high maintenance type as this is my third and most expensive machine. It sure beats the hell out of the wind tunnel they had me on before the last sleep study.

The one I am using now is very gentle and soothing in its approach.

Last night Kim and I went out to Olive Carden to celebrate Donna Wagner's birthday. Kim and I cherish the friendship we have with Donna and husband, Jim. Jim is an auto mechanic turned wild animal photographer. To see how very talented Jim is, go to Magoophoto.com and be prepared to have your breath taken away.

Again, it always sets me back on my heels to know that we have so many superbly talented arts people in the Chippewa Valley. And how cool is it for me to know a really great nature photographer, an incredibly talented luthier in Gordy Bischoff's guitars (and most recently three ukeleles), to have been able to record my two CD's with Indie Singer/Songwriter Justin Vernon, and to have played music with the likes of Howard "The Guitar" Luedtke, Randy Sinz, Tom Wieseler, Gary Spaeth, Mike Richson, talented songwriters Mike Quick and Billy Krause and so many other musical luminaries right here in The Valley?

I was telling my good right hand, Ms Kim, that I feel as though I have reached the halfway point of full recovery on this latest winter of discontent and that with the sleep apnea controlled, the upcoming gall bladder removal, the heart shocked back into normal sinus rhythm, the coming removal of my left leg cast on March 15, I am ready to make one last and hopefully lengthy run at my chosen field of endeavor.

Man, I hope so!


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