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Saturday, March 27, 2010


It hs been one of those days. My pal Tom Johnson was up early this morning and surprised me with the news that he had to move on to Superior RIGHT NOW. We had made plans to have breakfast together and hang awhile - turned my head around for a bit. Lately he had taken to referring to me as "you old homo" - maybe that was it - he said it so often he began to believe it and my perceived vibe made him uncomfortable.

So I decided I would take on a project Kim had wanted completed for sometime - installing a new dust buster in the kitchen. I got the holes drilled and the holster in place before realizing that when I inserted the dust buster into its charging holster, the nose of it was over a raised surface in the counter top which prevented it from seating correctly so that it could charge. so no installation and new holes in the kicthen wall.

Kim left for the Cities to visit with her sister and I decided I would install "War Birds" on my office computer, so I called Gabe Wieseler, my techhie, and then attempted to install the CD while waiting for his arrival. I don't know what happened but my trusty IMac suddenly crapped out on me big time! When I re-boot all I would get was a screen with that circle and a slash across it, flashing - alternating with the Apple symbol.

So Gabe and I ended up taking it in to the MacMan shop - I can already see much needed $$$$ flying out my office window. It began to be a really bad day - and after the good deeds of saturday, I felt a little like the bible's Job.

Saved the day by making pizza for Tom (who arrived in his prize pickup truck - a 1968 Ford 250 "Camper Special") and Gabe. The pizza, as you can see, came out well. So I am fortuane to have the Mac Note Book as a back up to keep up with my latest activities.

Haven't heard the bad news from MacMan yet. I suppose I won't find out until monday. So be it. Ain't a damn thing I can about it except try to pay for it anyways!


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