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Friday, March 26, 2010


Okay -- so somewhere in the whole broken ankle episode there was a definite disconnect between health care and me. First there was the "sticks" and a splint - which I wore for about a week or so - then came the first hard cast around the 3rd of February.

Nobody said nothin' about recovery time except that the broken bone should be completely healed by the end of the month. so I really really looked forward to the 28th of February.

About two weeks into cast-wearing I began to develop a sore on the front of my leg, just south of the knee cap and just outside the high end of the cast. Some of the swelling had gone down and there was too much play goin' on inside the thing. So, not wanting to appear to be a "Wuss", I toughed it out for about a half week more, and then begged for mercy.

With the new cast in place the chafing stopped (thank you, Deb and the baby Jesus). I found I was getting around pretty well and was told I could put weight on the left ankle. Not bragging, but the cast came off four days early - not bad healing for an old fart.

Because nobody from the clinic staff told me and because I am a duly elected village idiot, I thought: "All right! The cast is history. I"m gonna truck and boogie to my awaiting vehicle. Big surprise - the bone may be healed but the flesh is, indeed, weak. It is like I have the worst high sprained ankle in the history of man.

I find out if I spend 3/4 of my day with my left leg higher than my head, the rest of what's left of the day the ankle is healing. Hell yes!

But this week I pressed Mr. Ankle way too hard. the usual overnight resurrection did not resurrect. I had a heck of a time making that 3 AM run to the john!

So I finally called the Marshfield Clinic and talked to Nurse Margaret. I explained the situation and she had a quick reply: "You over worked it. If you don't give that ankle sufficient time elevated, and if you try to do too many of your regular activities during the course of the day, you will be in pain."

And how long will it be before i am no longer in pain?

TWO TO THREE MONTHS! Margaret is full of good news! so I overdid it again today - took two pizzas to the service boys at Marquart Toyota - they take good care of my precious little xB.

Now awaiting the arrival of my Madison/Superior/ NYC buddy, Tom Blinkovich Johnson. Think I better shut this down and spend some time with my loved ones at the house.

PS: working on a possible new tune (maybe)


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