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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, I was right (nearly) about the plot of "Money Train" except that Snipes and Harrelson are not security cops on the money train itself, but rather are two undercover transit police. The money train is the subway that carries all the cash receipts from all the toll booths within the New York subway system. Consequently, I dozed off a couple of times during the movie.

No matter what we tried, we couldn't stop the subtitles from appearing at the bottom of the picture. I hate that! I also don't like picking up movies that are older as they pose a problem of how to frame them on the Sony HDTV. We have gotten used to the wide screen with margins at both the top and bottom. Man, my life is difficult! WAH!

Today is the day. Brett Favre makes his first appearance in Lambeau Field wearing a Vikings uniform. I have been following the polls all week and it appears that if the polls are accurate he will be booed soundly upon entering the field of play. I hope that doesn't happen. I would hope that Green Bay Packer fans have a little more class than that.

It should be a good game. at least I hope that it is. Dom Capers and his defense will have their hands full trying to stop both Peterson's running game and Favre's passing attack. Some feel the Packers should blitz him on almost every down but I don't think that wise as Favre has learned to read blitzes very well after 17 years in the league and he will burn the defense. If the Packers are to win they will have to play flawless football. And for God sake stop making all those undisciplined penalties. We have way too many penalties per game to be winners.

Time to get the NFL channel on the box and listen to the talking heads.

Go Pack!


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