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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today I entertained the residents at the Syverson Home in Eau Claire and was surprised to find an old familiar face in the group, my long time acquaintance, Chris Vlahakis. Chris has been very active in the community for many years and is the uncle of the very fine musician, Mike Vlahakis.
Years ago, when the Black Steer was in its heyday, Chris was a regular in our audience whenever the band "Full Circle" performed there. The owner at the time was Bob Vlahakis, Chris' nephew if memory serves me right. Those were good times and the band laid down a lot of music with Ron Keezer on drums, John Buchholz on bass, Joanie Pfeiffer on vocals, and Clarke Maylone on piano and vocals.
It was really nice to see Chris today! I was glad we had the chance to have a little "photo op".


Jimmy Sims 57th birthday is this coming friday and Kim and I were invited over to Wil Denson's and Judy Sims' home for a little birthday celebration earlier this evening. So Happy Birthday, Jimmy! We enjoyed our time with you this evening.

Earlier in the day I rented the animated film "UP" through Red Box. Red Box is the latest thing in movie rental and is putting Blockbuster Video out of business in a hurry as you can get the newest releases for a $1.00 overnight rental. The really cool deal is that if you go online to their website, you can reserve your movie at a Red Box near you merely with a few clicks of the mouse and it's set aside for you in the machine location of your choice.

"UP" is a Pixar (Disney) creation and the animation is really quite startling. The story line of this movie is a bit strange but we enjoyed it.

While I was rustling up a batch of popcorn (can't watch a movie without popcorn) I got to thinking that I should probably do a bit of blogging on my popcorn maker of choice: "Whirley Pop". I have been an avid "Whirley Pop" user for almost 15 years. I think I discovered my first while traveling in (where else) Iowa.

so here is a free plug for a great device:

Makes 6 quarts of theater style popcorn with as little as a teaspoon of oil
Snap-tight lid with steam vents helps keep popcorn light, crisp and flavorful
A Patented stirring system ensures most every kernel will pop
A 34 page book with detailed instructions, recipes and fun popcorn facts and history
The Wooden handle and crank stay cool while popping making it safe to use
Guaranteed with a 25 Year Warranty

Great Popcorn Maker... The 6 Quart Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper is the ultimate popcorn machine. Use any popcorn, as little as a teaspoon of any oil and in less then 3 minutes, there will be 6 quarts of delicious, mouthwatering popcorn to enjoy. Every popper comes with our "Secrets to Great Popcorn" guide with dozens of recipes and instructions. Each Popper is hand assembled and checked for quality. We take pride in each popper made and we stand behind our products.

Fast & Easy -- Make twice as much as a standard bag of microwave. It makes 6 Quarts in less than three minutes.
Popcorn that has Melt-In-Your-Mouth-Flavor -- The Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper features four(4) steam vents which allow steam to escape during popping so your popcorn is always tender and crispy.
Every Kernel Pops -- Patented stirring mechanism designed like a commercial popper prevents sticking and burning by stirring every kernel until it pops - up to 42 times its original size.
Safe to use -- Hardwood handle stays cool and keeps your hands away from steam and heat.
Easy Clean-Up -- Removable lid with quick release clips for easy cleaning. Just wipe with a paper towel and store for later use.
25 Year Warranty -- Every Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper comes with a 25 year warranty on all moving parts. Simply call the customer service department with any problems you may have.

25 Year Warranty on ALL Moving Parts (if it breaks, we fix or send you a new one)
Customer Service team waiting for your Questions and Orders (Weekdays from 9am to 3pm EST at 800-270-2705)
Premium Nylon Gears Permanentely Attached. They won't fall off or strip, or we will replace your lid!
Years of Research into great popcorn, including a patent on the stirring mechanism to make great popcorn.
Detailed Instruction manual with more than 50 recipes included
Sturdy Spring Steel Clips to keep lid on popper when popping and pouring
Feel safe in knowing we have been in business for 25 years and bringing you some of the best products including the Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popping Machine.

As I was reading through the above I wish I had read it more carefully at the time i purchased my first popper. We are currently on our third popper!
The poppers are not really pricey either. They range from 19.95 to 24.95 depending upon where you happen to be shopping. The popper I am currently using I bought for $19.95 at Menard's.

Another really good reason to use the Whirley Pop is that you can stop buying "premium" popcorn such as Orville Redenbacher. I use the generic store brand white popcorn that I get at Festival Foods. Eau Claire. Side note: For some reason, Walmart doesn't carry any white popcorn, just the yellow, of which I am not a great fan .


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