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Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving day has come and gone for yet another year. Battling with a sinus infection, I was up early to take meds and get the first stages of dinner preparation out of the way so that I could concentrate on Packer/Lions football at 11 AM.
Remembering past years and the mess that a baked sweet potato can make of an oven, I wrapped the three in aluminum foil, set the oven at 375 degrees and ascended to the loft in time for the kick off.

As I watched #87, Jordy Nelson set up to receive the opening kick off, I was about to call my friend "Blinky" Johnson in Madison to tell him that Jordy is my "main Caucasian man", but put down the telephone because before I could dial, Nelson coughed up the ball near our own 20 yard line and the Lions went up by seven shortly after that. Of course I took all the blame for Nelson's mistake because I had been impressed enough to think he never makes mistakes!

The Packers looked sluggish and out of sync for most of the entire first half and I was so engrossed in the game that I forgot about my sweet potatoes until I smelled the familiar odor of sweet potato drippings hit the heating coils of the oven. I ran (hobbled, mostly) down stairs to find that my foil wrapping hadn't stopped the drippings.

During the half time break I prepared fresh green beans, fresh tomato, onion, and fried 4 strips of bacon. These I threw together in a deep skillet and added wine vinegar, salt, pepper and allowed that to simmer on very low heat.

After removing the yams from the oven, I left them to cool and returned to the second half of the game which turned out to be much better than the first half.

With a Packer victory at hand, I returned to the kitchen and stuffed our 9 pound turkey with my own recipe which includes spicy homemade Italian sausage.

At any rate, Kim and Cindy returned from shopping Walmart and Cindy arrived around 5:30. Dinner proved to be much more than enough (Is that a big pile of mashed potatoes or what???)

By the time we had worked our way through four desserts, I was totally wiped out and I was in bed by 9:30PM. This morning I asked what time the party finally broke up. The gals had at it until 11:30PM. I heard nothing.

Today I was again up early, took my meds, dressed, and quietly, as not to disturb my sleeping beauties, made my way over here to see if I could manage to catch the remaining coals of yesterday's fire. it is so!

Now I must go to the bungalow bath and draw a steaming tub that I may soak away all remains of yesterday's endeavor.



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