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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Yesterday (friday) I received, in record time, my eBay purchase of a Riddell helmet already done up as a Green Bay Packer helmet. I am using this project as my "Jim Carter" project helmet, as Jim will be autographing it for me early in December.

The first step was to remove the decals that someone had installed at a very odd positioning. After using Goo-gone to remove the residual adhesive, I thoroughly washed and waxed the helmet.
The next step was to remove the face mask that was provided with the helmet as it is not the correct mask. I had hoped to find the exact same mask that he wore, but after looking around the internet, I found only two sources that carried the mask and they both wanted $199.99 for the mask!!!
So I installed instead the next best mask which is pictured here. I took a picture of both the helmet and an autographed eight by ten photo of Jim that I won on eBay some time ago. (Sorry about the picture (the flash pretty much obliterated the framed photograph).

I have the correct Green Bay Packer decals on order and they should be arriving this week, well in advance of the signing.

This whole idea got started when I ran into Jim as I was leaving Menard's about four months ago. I told him of my collection of helmets, that I had gotten autographs from Bart Starr and Paul Hornung - and would he be so kind as to autograph a helmet for me.

Jim told me that he would be glad to, although he didn't seem to know why I would want it. He told me how poorly Green Bay's fans treated him all through his playing days with the Packers. His only "fault" was that he replaced the retiring Ray Nitschke, who was, of course, a God to the Green Bay faithful.

I told Jim that I was sorry to hear that and that I didn't understand that mentality, specially since Jim played really well for the Packers. He even went to the Pro Bowl in 1973!

I am really looking forward to displaying his autographed helmet!


I found the following editorial in the Leader-Telegram from friday, November 27 and thought it worth passing on to my readers:


Have you ever noticed the similarities between Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers and Sarah Palin? Each with a name in the spotlight, each turning their backs on people who made them famous. Each with a message that polarizes the masses into opposing sides. Each given a chance to do something special, but each failing to connect us with the inspiration it takes to follow a leader.

I think it's time to sack them all! We need someone else to lead us!

-Peter Beauvais
Eau Claire


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