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Monday, November 16, 2009


Earlier this afternoon I received this photograph in an e mail from my Ohio buddy Kirk Roebuck. He had this to say about the picture:

The guy on the left, behind the black guy (on the left) is Mike Foreman, a friend from high school.
Today will be his 2nd space shuttle flight.

Yep…..we from that era all wanted to be astronauts (watching all the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo launches and splash downs) but he actually did it. Naval Academy, Naval Aviator, Test Pilot, became an astronaut and didn’t get his first flight till he was 52! (March 2008), but the 2nd one came pretty quick.

Also have an uncle, a retired navy man, he was in the 1st class of NAVY SEALS commissioned by JFK. He worked on some of the splash down recovery teams. He used the GI bill to go to PGA school, now he is a teaching pro at the Coronado (San Diego) Country club—nice!

The comment about Kirk's uncle being in the first class of Navy SEALS commissioned by JFK put me in mind of the fact that my friend Mary Hatleberg's oldest brother Clancy Hatleberg of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, was also one of the frogmen who retrieved astronauts back in the day. Small world!

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