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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear President Obama,

News reports indicate that you have rejected specific plans to send between 10,000 and 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan put forward by your military advisers, but that you are still considering escalating the war in Afghanistan.

We urge you to reject escalation altogether and give us a bridge out of Afghanistan.

Expanding the war in Afghanistan will make Americans less safe, not more so.

Less than 100 members of Al Qaeda remain in Afghanistan. The Karzai government we support is controlled by warlords and is riddled with corruption. Pakistan's stability will be gravely imperiled by an expansion of the war. Hundreds if not thousands of troops will be killed, along with countless civilians. Anti-American sentiment throughout the Muslim world will be inflamed by civilian bloodshed, facilitating recruitment by terrorist organizations.

The war will cost billions of dollars when we can least afford it, and will stymie your domestic agenda.

The cost of sustaining a military force in Afghanistan is $1 million per soldier per year -- that's close to $100 billion dollars annually with the troop increase. With the economy in shambles, the deficits generated by these enormous costs will compromise your domestic legislative agenda both fiscally and politically.

The United States has no vital interest in Afghanistan. If you choose to further escalate troop levels in Afghanistan, you will be making the biggest mistake of your presidency.

It's now official, the health care bills Congress is trying
to pass stink to high heaven. Today John Conyers said that
"progressives held their nose" in voting for it. But we didn't send
them to Washington to hold their noses, we sent them there to get out
there fight for good public policy. And they'd better start
listening. But first, we need to speak out in greater and greater

And the Senate is working on something even worse, a bill that is
even weaker than the one from the House, that won't even really kick
in for 5 YEARS, like they think they can sneak through a couple more
elections before we notice the sstench. It's just a replay of the
phony credit card reform bill, only with 5 times as long for the
medical insurance companies to keep gouging us before the big nothing
takes effect.

We need each and every one of our participants to help us spread the
word about these videos as far and wide as possible, so we can get
more and more people to speak out. If you have a website, or a web
page of any kind, there code at the top of the fax action page you
can put on your own site or page, so people can watch the latest
video right there.

Health Care Fax Action Page:

And here is the link direct to the YouTube video, but it is MUCH
better to send people direct to the action page, where the free fax
submission form is right there.


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