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Monday, November 30, 2009


I guess it was over a month ago on an unusually soupy day at the office bungalow that I heard what I thought was the sound of a dripping faucet somewhere in the back of the structure. Lately I have found that my ears are not as good as they once were in pinpointing the exact location of auditory stimuli - I naturally assumed that my kitchen sink faucet was leaking so I got up and moved towards the sink only to find the faucet there bone dry. Still I heard the dripping sound and through the process of simple elimination made the sharp turn toward the small bath room. it was then that my ears finally honed in on the sickening sound of water hitting carpeting. After stepping into a soggy section of shag, I looked up to see the next drop forming on the ceiling just at the door of the bed room.
A sickening feeling roiled in my stomach as I knew this could only mean an unexpected output of money that was already spoken for in credit card debt. I trudged to the red shed behind the office and retrieved the tall step ladder, braced it fully extended and slowly ascended to the flat section of roof that covers both the back bed room and the bath. The leak was not readily apparent until I stepped into an area that gave like mush under my foot. Momentarily I had a picture of my body plummeting midst rotten timber and tar paper directly onto the bed hidden below.

I went to the house and broke the good news to Kim. Knowing that winter was not that far away at this point, I quickly put a call in to Rob of "Complete Home Maintenance:".
Rob came out and perused the situation, sat down with pen and pad and did some figuring and gave me an estimate of $1450 dollars to tear out all the rot, install new plywood , cover that with a blanket of rubber, and seal it with fresh oil and tar paper.

The appointed time for starting the project came and went. I called Rob and asked when he could start because the glorious indian Summer we were experiencing in late October most certainly would not hold in the cruel month of November. But it in fact DID hold as anyone from around here can attest.

So today, monday, November 30th, the pick up trucks and trailer for the removal of debris rolled in at nine AM. Talk about hitting the last window of opportunity! tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of what has been an incredibly warm November, and the boys of ":Complete Home Maintenance", fortified by Larry's pizza for lunch on monday, will complete said project by noon.

In celebration, for the bunaglow bed, I bought an electric blanket which I found at Wally Mart for the incredible low price of $18.50!!!

So blow ye winds of Winter, Blow!


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