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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winter Insulation Installed!

Okay! We survived the installation of 3M plastic on the house windows and are still talking to each other. Amazing but true. And I found out that Ms. Wilson is a lot better at putting up this plastic stuff than Blinky and I were last winter. There is nary a wrinkle or sag in any of the windows. By the time we got it all installed it was already dark (don't forget that daylight losing time starts tonight at midnight and that we must all fall back) which means it will be dark at 6PM.

While we were in the middle of hanging plastic the telephone rang and like a fool I answered it. It was a sales person from Clearwire asking to talk to Kim. Kim got on the phone and admitted to said agent that she was "crabby". All the morfe reason for celebration.

We celebrated the completion with a run to Culver's for supper. There were even some costumed folk there. A mime, a rabbit (or was it a mouse) and of course a princess. The kids got a free custard if they came in wearing a costume.

Found out in the news today that Blockbuster Video is biting the dust big time. Culprits are Netflix and Red Box. We stopped at Red Box on the way home after supper and picked up a video - "The Money Train" with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Way in the back of my mind I think I may have already seen it, but I'll be damned if I can remember anything about the plot except that I think they both work as security cops on a payroll subway and concoct a plan to get away with stealing said payroll. God it's great being 68 years old! Everything is new again!


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