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Monday, October 26, 2009


This coming sunday, November 1, will be an historic day as Brett Favre returns to play at Lambeau Field for the first time wearing a uniform other than that of the Green Bay Packers. It has been a long and curious journey for Brett since leaving the Packers after a tearful press conference two years ago.

At the time, Packer fans cried with him as we all felt as deeply about his retirement as he did. Howevr, i don't think many fans were surprised when he came out of retirement and signed with the New York Jets. Many Packer fans still cheered him on as a Jet QB, wearing the Jets green and white #4 jersey throughout the season.

When he announced to Coach Childress that he didn't have the heart to come back again this season, all of Wisconsin gave a sigh of relief. Then several weeks later, he joined the team that almost everybody from Wisconsin, especially those of us who live close to the Minnesota border, hates with more passion than any other team in the NFL.

But here we are, well into the season and Brett has led the Vikings to a great start at 6-1. Even though the Vikings only beat the Pack by a touchdown at the dome, it was pretty evident which of the teams was better.

Now they roll into Green Bay this sunday. I have been reading the papers this week and the question on everyone's mind is how will the Packer fans react to Brett when he runs out on the sacred frozen tundra?

The Milwaukee journal is taking a poll this week. Will fans boo him? Will they cheer him? Will they do nothing? Well, so far the results of the poll read: 57% will boo -- 21% will cheer -- and 22% will do nothing.

Personally, i find it appalling that anyone from Wisconsin would boo a man who bought so much to the game of football in the state of Wisconsin. Brett gave us sixteen years of dedicated blood, sweat, and tears. He played all out in every game - injured or not, he was at his position.

The man took us to two Super Bowls for God's sake! And you are going to BOO him?? How very small and embarrassing - Packer fans should have a lot more class than that.

If anyone deserves booing, it's Ted Thompson for his mishandling of not only the Favre situation but for some of the trades he has made.

Just yesterday during a discussion on sports radio some ninny is congratulating TT for bringing Mark Tauscher and running back Ahman Green into the fold. to my way of thinking, if he has to resort to bringing these players back it means he's made some rather dubious choices in the immediate past to make this necessary.

So come sunday, I will be cheering for Brett Favre and hoping like hell that #74 will get his licks and knock the ball out of his hands a couple of times. I have learned to love Brett and still hate his uniform!


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