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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In response to yesterday's blog, I got a very insightful response from my pal, Kirk Roebuck, who lives in Ohio and I think it is worth sharing:

Once, a long time ago, in my youthful naivete, I thought that Packer fans were “the best fans in football” and the
Cincinnati Reds fans were ”the best fans in baseball”. As I matured and aged, I found out that there is really no
Such animal as “the best fans in……..”

When your team is winning and in the middle of a dynasty, all the fans are happy and are “great fans”. The Reds of
The 70s—the big Red machine………….the Packers of the 60s and then the Packers of the 90s and in to the 2000s
(although make no mistake, I would never compare them the Lombardi’s packers)……………all was mostly good
and it is easy to root for winning teams, so the fans seem intelligent and classy.

Then adversity / controversy rears it’s ugly head, and fans true colors begin to show. These days even “hate” comes through.
So I just like to sit back, enjoy the games, and especially enjoy the controversy. Here in NE Ohio, the controversy and disgust
over the Browns is a thing of beauty!

I still like to pose the “what if” question………………what if Lombardi had lived and made the Redskins superbowl champs?
Would he have been a villain for leaving GB?

I also recall that no less an icon than Bart Starr was booed and hated when he coached the packers.


Thanks, Kirk! You are right on the money!


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