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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baltimore Ravens So Named Because Edgar Allen Poe Called Baltimore Home

This is the latest and hopefully THE LAST helmet in my collection. I just can't keep going with this hobby anymore! I am running out of room to display them!

This, of course, is a lilkeness of the Baltimore Ravens head gear. It is a Schutt helmet that I won on ebay about a week or so ago and I managed to find the correct decals on line.

When the helmet arrived, it was pretty beat up. I did a lot of cleaning and polishing - enough to cover up some of the worst of the scars - I think this one came from a high school team in California and I think it was worn by a player who got a lot of time on the field with it.

So, hopefully, this is the last helmet! I am proud to say there is not a Viking helmet in my collection.


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