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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday I wrote about signing up with DISH TV. The installer arrived at 8 AM - right on time! That, in itself, is miraculous. I helped him get his extended ladder up the side of our A frame, somewhat of a daunting task as it is nearly 40 feet to the peak.
Once he got up there and in position to shoot an azimuth I got the bad news. There are two oaks and a white pine obstructing a direct shot at the necessary satellite.

The installer, also Larry by the way, is a very pleasant man, and very knowledgable about his craft. He did a very thorough job checking on all possibilities but in the final analysis, there is just no way to put up the small dish without calling a tree service to come out and at great expense "top" three trees. In addition to expense, both Kim and I agree that we love where we live and would not disturb nature just for a better TV picture.

So this morning I am no longer in the cold sweat that I went to bed with last night and woke me up at 6 AM this morning. Instead, I called my big dish provider and renewed our subscription for another year at a pretty good reduced package price.

Actually, I am pretty happy that we are continuing to use the C Band dish (pictured) as I went through a lot of expense and time putting it in place.

I am certain if you went way back in "blogdom" you would find the whole story so I won't repeat it here again. I am proud to be a member of the ever decreasing population that uses C Band. We are aging dinosaurs and damn proud of it. I can remember that when I first started using the dish we got hundreds of channels at no cost - boy, it didn't take the industry long to figure out how stick it to us!


I am lucky enough to know a guy named Jim Backus. No! Not the guy who played the part of Thurston Howell on Gilligan's Island and also did the cartoon voice of Mr. Magoo. No, this Jim Backus lives right here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I first met Jim when he was the owner of a garage on third street, across from where the Chicken Hut used to be as I lived at 2744 4th street just up the hill and one block over and Jim and crew serviced my work vehicles. He also serviced Robert "One Man" Johnson's classic old 1949 Chevrolet panel truck, a truck that took Bob all over the nation - including a trip all the way out to Oregon.

Jim has retired from being a grease monkey and has instead taken up photography and he is an amazing wild life photographer. I kid you not! He has jaw-dropping photos of wolves, bear, and all manner of wild life and in addition to giving art shows he is now selling books of his works.

Do yourself a favor and go to his web site at: www.magoophoto.com and you will see what I mean. I think it is really phenomenal that someone can move from knowing automotive science inside and out to find a whole new career in photography.

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