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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome eBay, Goodbye Surplus From Office

How long has the winter really been? I've done something I never have done before -- went through 6 face cords of firewood and the last two days it's been forage, forage, forage. You know you are getting desperate when you hope for a goodly over night wind so that you can gather up dead branches to act as a basis for getting a fire going.

Luckily, a couple of summers ago, a tree went down near the house and my "handy" guy came out and cut it up and stacked it along the garage. I am now going through that stack!

In an effort to keep up with incoming bills and the high prices of everything -- have you grocery shopped lately? -- I have begun venturing into the world of selling on eBay, and wouldn't you know -- instant beginners luck on the first item I posted -- the guitar pictured sold about a half an hour after I posted! I shipped it out to Rochester, New York this past Friday. Truthfully, I am nervously chewing my nails and hoping that it arrives in one piece since it's the first time I have packed a guitar for a long ride.

I know I lost some money on it, but that's the way it goes, I guess. The wood is really beautiful but the guitar has some problems including the need for a total neck reset and hopefully that would rid it of the buzzing at the 8th fret. I hope that it goes to good care and into the hands of an accomplished jazz musician some day.

I am starting to sell some of the football helmet projects I worked on over the winter as well. As to be expected, the more of them I turn out, the better I get at doing it -- and the more I can charge in selling them. There are some that I will never part with. I have a "Brett" Packer helmet, a Washington Redskins suspension helmet with the darker burgundy and spear logos, and a Dan Marino Dolphins helmet that is probably the best so far. These I will put on display here!

I am currently getting ready to do a Carolina Panthers, a Pittsburgh Steelers, (I have the helmets and decals on hand) and I have a really "tits" unscathed red Rawlings helmet coming in later in the month that will be a Kansas City Chiefs.

I have pretty much decided that the Carolina Panthers helmet will go to Shanty Boy, Jay Moore, the Carolina Swamp monkey, as a token of my esteem. Think he will wear it on the air?

If there is anybody out there that is in need of an entertainer, for God's sake, drop me a line! I am tired of sitting on my ass doing nothing and watching my savings completely disappear.

These are frightening times! I am thinking of putting together a nursing home tour if I can get paid even a bit for each home visitation.

Actually, 2009 is showing definite signs of promise -- but hey! That doesn't help the old psyche in 2008!


Tuesday is tax day and my 67th birthday. Kim has been such a sweetie to me already this week. I am counting my blessings and Kim is definitely at the top of that list!

Hope you enjoyed the SUN today. It sent the remaining snow a-skitterin' at the compound!

Talk at ya' soon!


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