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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quest For "Pete Rozell" Model Pays Off In Dividends!

for several months now I have been combing the eBay listings trying to find an official Wilson "Pete Rozell" NFL game ball. (I had one at one time, and lost it somehow in our move to the country.

To get one in good condition, you had better to be ready to shell out at least $135.00. As I recall, mine cost me around $65 brand new, back in the day.

Yesterday patience paid off! I found the ball pictured and bought it at a phenomenally good price -- especially since not only is it a Rozell model, but it is also autographed by the King of the Dallas Cowboys himself, Tom Landry, a coach for whom I have the greatest respect and the inventor of the 4-3 defense while he was defensive coordinator for the NY Giants in the late 1950's.

I bought it from a gentleman whose description of the ball follows:

"This TOM LANDRY AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL BY WILSON is in excellent condition . It is a regulation size football that is entirely the normal football color of brown/red. On the main panel it says: “ Wilson” and then on the left side in black cursive writing it says: “Official” and in the middle there is the NFL logo outlined in black and lastly on the right side is a facsimile signature of the NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle . The next panel has “TOM LANDRY’S” autograph in black pen. It says: TO DARREN BACKUS BEST WISHES ” TOM LANDRY”.THIS BALL WAS SIGNED FOR ME AT ZALES IN 1988 WHEN I BOUGHT A ROLEX THERE HE WAS PROMOTING."

Darren worked pumping gas for his father in a neighborhood where a lot of the 1960's era Cowboys lived, so he met a lot of the players through his work as a boy.


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