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Monday, April 14, 2008

Panther, Packer Helmets Honor Shanty Boy's First Trip To Lambeau

I spent most of the day finishing up on the Carolina Panthers helmet that I had intended to have done before my good friend Jay Moore's birthday. I failed miserably. However, if he still would like to have it, he should drop me an e mail saying so -- because I really did "build" it just for him in honor of the glorious weekend we had together along with our pal "Blinky" Johnson in Titletown.

Highlights of the trip included stumbling on a really good Greek restaurant in down town Appleton the night before the game, being rousted from our beds with a false alarm complete with fire trucks, a sunshiny day at Lambeau with a solid Packer victory. Little did we know that we were watching Brett Favre for the last time in our experience, which makes me all the happier that I insisted that Jay be my guest for the trip. Life it too short!

I was showing Kim some of the helmet "projects" I have completed over the last months. she thinks I should "take custom orders" from people and produce exact helmets that they want.

So today, I went online and did a little base pricing on supplies to put together helmets. I think rather than bid on helmets on eBay I would start buying Riddell VSR2Y helmets new and go from there. I figure that I could produce a custom helmet for any player or any team for around $175.00, which probably is cost prohibitive.

If you take a look at the Packer helmet in the photo with this blog, that is a used Riddell VSR2Y that I bought on eBay for $60 plus shipping. You can't see, but there are some dings here and there on the helmet as it was used in high school play for one season and most likely by a kicker.

But a helmet that clean is very difficult to come across online and they usually cost more than that. I bought this one because the seller gave me a "buy it now" choice, and since it was Packer yellow, I grabbed it!

Anyway, if anybody out there wants me to make them a special order college or National Football League helmet, contact me and let's talk! I really do enjoy working on these things!


Yipes! It's nearly 5PM and I haven't even cleaned up yet! Guess that's it for today!


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