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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Football Helmet Refurbishing Days Officially Over

Behold! Take a good look! This is the last helmet that I have put together by bidding on helmets over the internet and then fixing them up to look the way I want them. I figured I would get out while I am "flying high". I found this Rawlings helmet with absolutely no game use. only a few "rub-scratches" incurred in shelf life.
I had been saving the white line backer face mask for just such a helmet-- the Chief logos as well. This one stays in my private collection.

And like I say -- it is the last one I am buying on line. My big plan of buying up used helmets, refurbishing them as NFL helmets and re-selling them on line just hasn't panned out.

I was talking to my TV repair man the other day. He was regaling me with stories of a television program he had seen on public television. There's a guy who has made thousands of dollars on eBay because he had the right product! Viagra that he bought in Mexico and then sold online.

Why didn't I think of that?


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