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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not Three Times -- Not even Four -- Would You Believe Five?

I have kept it bottled up inside long enough and now it's time to VENT! A little over a year after going through all kinds of unadulterated bullshit with Directv (which I covered in various blogs) we are presently going through a like hell with Hitachi Corporation.

We bought a Hitachi flat screen television set last April -- mostly because the Hitachi projection set we had before that was a great set. We had absolutely no trouble with it.

The new flat screen is a lemon and was from the word go. I will keep this short and to the point. Over the past year, we have had FOUR service calls on the set, mostly for the same problem. The inputs for playing DVD's and videos never did work properly.

After the third service call we talked to Hitachi and told them that according to the mythical "lemon law", after three strikes, you are out and that they owed us a new set.

No Hitachi said. They would send all new parts (engineering supposedly had cured all problems). The woman I spoke with promised me that if after they put the new parts in we still had trouble she would guarantee that they would provide us with a new set.

The new parts, it turns out, were not new, but "refurbished" -- and after being installed -- THEY DIDN'T WORK EITHER. So last Friday, the repairman loaded up the set and took it away to work on in his shop.

Today (Tuesday) we found ourselves still without a set. I called the repairman and he told me that Hitachi was sending yet another batch of "new" parts. And that's when I lost it.

I called their not so public relations department and we had words. finally I said the words "law suit" -- I think that may have gotten her attention, at last.

"That is not necessary", she said. I told her that it seemed to be.

So the latest is that they are finally going to replace the set -- something I will believe when I see it. I will tell you this. If this drags on for another week, I will contact my attorney friend Stan Johnson and we will not only sue for the replacement of the television set but for a whole lot more!

So dear reader -- here is a bit of advice. If you are considering a new television set, DO NOT BUY A HITACHI. They do not care about their customers.

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