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Monday, April 28, 2008

Congratulations Go Out To My Niece Jennifer!

Well! Congratulations are in order to my lovely niece, Jennifer Heagle. I just received the following e mail:

"Hope all is well with everyone - don't know if you have heard, but I passed the state Real Estate exam the end of March and am now a Realtor at Shorewest - don't know if they're known in that part of that state, but are the number 1 Realtor here. I finished up training and just started less than 2 weeks ago and am already working with a couple of buyers. It was a risky career move considering my financial situation at the moment (and the market here isn't as bad as most places, which is great), but out of all the options I laid out on the table for myself, this made the most sense. Weird.... Anyway, I have a web page, if you'd like to take a look: go to shorewest.com, click on "Offices and Agents" (left hand side), enter Heagle in "Agent's last name", click "Find" and my name will come up. Click on my name and you'll see my smiling Heagle face......."

I couldn't be happier for Jenny! She's a great gal and I know she will do well for Shorewest. She is the daughter of my younger brother Anson and his lovely wife, Diana. Diana is a teacher in Waukesha. Anson is a grounds keeper at a golf course near Mukwonago. I love all of them dearly!


I am just back from saying "good bye" to my dear father-in-law, Robert Wilson, who at this hour is lying unconscious in hospice at Methodist Hospital in St Louis Park. Kim was up over the weekend and no sooner got back to school Monday morning when she got a call from her sister that hospital doctors seem to think that Bob would pass sometime today (Monday).

Kim asked that I drive up separately so that she wouldn't have to worry about my state. I would much rather have stayed, but i honor Kim's wishes. She just called about half hour ago to say that he is still hanging in there and that they were leaving for dinner.

Even though he is unconscious, the staff encouraged all of us to speak to him as hearing is the last to shut down. Tough times. The Wilson women, however, are handling it very well, knowing that Bob's life since the stroke of four years ago has been more of a prison than anything else.

I would appreciate it if you would say a prayer for him.


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