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Thursday, April 17, 2008

eBay Connects Me With Other Parts of The United States

One of the truly astounding features of the internet is how it can draw us together through common interests, common goals, even common beliefs. As those of you who read this blog often know, it was my first time using this internet selling service, and in general I am very pleased with the way that it went.
I have to admit that during the days that the guitar was enroute to Rochester, New York, I was doing a lot of nail biting for fear that United Parcel Service would not have followed my instructions to "top load" it and to mark it fragile and treat it that way.

Now, here's the really cool part of the whole deal! I asked the buyer to let me know when he received the guitar and to assure me that it arrived in good shape. He did so and in our correspondence it became apparent that we have some things in common. He has the same love of guitars that I do, for one.

I was very pleased when he sent me these photographs of his arch top guitar collection and his guitar work shop. so I asked his permission to share them with you.

So now I am looking forward to selling more goods through eBay and I hope that those I come in contact with have as much class as Carl Cavuoto of Rochester, New York has! Thanks, Carl, for sharing photos of your work shop, your fine guitar restoration work, and I loved the photo of Frankie (the dog) that was also included in the shots!


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