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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Thanks To Mr. Way In Minocqua -- and to the Minocqua Teachers

Want to take a minute to thank Minocqua Middle School Principal Rob way for being such a gracious host yesterday as I performed for his teachers at the spring inservice in the early afternoon, just after student dismissal. he made it very comfortable for me as did the entire staff.

I am afraid my uncertainty, however, stayed with me from my show in Merrill the previous evening. Again, I think it went well, but I didn't quite feel right about it. I guess that's what comes from not working regularly enough. That saying "If you don't use it, you lose it" is also true in my field.

However, the faculty warmed to me instantly -- partly because they knew they were in for a "not so serious" presentation -- and at this time of year, I think all teachers need that kind of break!

I purposely kept the speedometer under 60 mph on the way home in an effort to conserve fuel and I think it does help. Stopped to visit with my friend Gary Spaeth for a moment on my way by. Gary has lost an incredible amount of weight! 120 pounds to be exact! I told him we are going in opposite directions.

Again, I didn't sleep very well last night with all that I have on my mind. I was up at 7 and went into town for my Saturday morning breakfast at Perkins, then back here to bed.

Where did Spring go???? Man! It is nasty out there today!


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