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Monday, June 30, 2008

Doing E-Business Makes One Realize Who You Can Count On In a Short Time!

Recently I sold one of the last of my Harmony guitars through eBay to a great buyer from the Chicago area, Michael O'Gorman. Here is a copy of our correspondence:

From: Lawrence Heagle
Subject: Silvertone Has Shipped
To: michaelo1010@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, June 26, 2008, 2:41 PM

Just returned from Fed Ex. Your tracking number is as

Larry Heagle


Thanks so very much.

I just reread the auction--I saw the guitar and pulled the trigger very quickly and then paid for it pronto--that I failed to see the text that says the shipping calculator would not be adequate for coming up with the true cost of shipping the guitar to me.

My point is that if you took a significant hit on shipping, say seven or more dollars to ship it than the $17 something that calculator came up with, please let me know. Within reason, of course, I'd be happy to mail you a check for a few bucks to help make up for that.

I'll let you know when the guitar arrives,



You are very considerate! But don't worry about it -- I will take the extra bit it cost -- it wasn't all that much -- not even a large pizza - besides with a name like Michael O'Gorman you've got to be a good Irish lad like me and we Irish stick together as brothers! Please do let me know when the guitar arrives!

And when you get a chance, check out my web site at www.larryheagle.com and click on "The Wood Tick" video -- Benny Hill lives on in Wisconsin!


Now, ladies and germs, contrast that with the correspondence I had today with OnField, who sell football helmet accessories online. Over a month ago I ordered two face masks to finish making up two Green Bay Packer helmets and made the mistake of contacting OnField for them instead of Frank Levenick, whom I have bought through many times before.

Check the contrast in correspondence:

-----Original Message-----
From: feedback-form@mail.zoovy.com [mailto:feedback-form@mail.zoovy.com]
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 1:01 PM
To: Scott Gladen
Subject: FEEDBACK: Order 2008-05-7184 : Questions on order

Sender Email: lheagle@larryheagle.com
I have had two facemasks on order since May 28 (SchuttEGOP-II) and (Schutt

I wish to cancel this order effective immediately.

Lawrence Heagle 4888 Hobbs Road
Fall Creek, WI 54742

I then went to Frank Levenick's website at "Real Stuff" and ordered the two face masks that I had waited for since May 28th with no response whatever from OnField.

I no sooner had sent out my order for the two face masks when I get the following from OnFieldl"

I am sorry, Lawrence... but the shipping terms clearly state to allow 4+
weeks for shipment. Your facemasks have been ordered and will be arriving
shortly. We do not cancel orders once the item has been ordered from the

OnField Productions, Inc. (visit us at realhelmets.com)
Scott Gladen
PMB #336
501-8 Old Greenville Hwy
Clemson, SC 29631

(865) 850-2890
(201) 526-4192

Now I am between a rock and a hard place! All I really can do is write to Frank at Real Stuff and ask that he be kind enough to cancel my order. I write to him:

I just received this message from OnField!

OnField is playing hard ball with me on this order even though it has been four weeks. I have been a good customer of yours in the past. Will you allow me to cancel the orders I just made?

Larry Heagle

Within minutes I receive this from Real Stuff:

No problem Larry. I have no idea why you would ever order anything from them in the first place, - but that's just my opinion...

After apologizing to Frank at Real Stuff I decide that this needs to be put forth in today's blog. Now, I ask you -- which of these e-businesses would you want to do business with?

You can rest assure that OnField will never hear from me again as a customer and that Real Stuff has gained a loyal customer.

I give you the example of Michael O'Gorman and Frank Levenick to let you know that there are really good people out there who are willing to go half way with you -- to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Whatever happened to "the customer is always right?"

Thank you Frank Levenick of Real Stuff! If anybody out there who reads this has the hobby of collecting and re-doing football helmets, Frank is the man you want to go to to buy the extras that you need! He is reasonably priced, delivers the goods, and is willing to cut you some slack if need be.

Steer clear of OnField. They are incredibly slow in filling orders and as I have illustrated, do not really give a shit as long as they have your money!


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