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Friday, June 6, 2008

Conversation With Helmet Hut

To: Helmet Hut
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 5:10 PM
Subject: Re: Wilson Helmet

(Larry) When the Wilson helmet gets here, I will look it over and make a decision. I am leaning towards sending it out to you for the "Kilmer" treatment. I have a single bar face mask that I could send along -- retail is at $39.00 as I recall - if I send that along, would you be willing to put the number "17" in same color as stripe in the correct position on the back of the helmet for the $100?


On Jun 4, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Helmet Hut wrote: "Of course. Thanks."

(Larry) Looks to me like the helmet was originally a green color (?) Or
perhaps, as Riddell used gray, Wilson used green as the interior color?

(Helmet Hut):No this was just an impregnated plastic shell colored in green. I would assume it is not paint. This is a youth model helmet from the late 70s or very early 80s.

(Larry) The seller thinks that the helmet is of a 1960's - 70's vintage. Do
you think the face mask pictured is consistent with the period when
the Redskins wore the yellow helmet?

(Helmet Hut): No NFL player would have ever worn this mask, it is a youth mask. Now Dungard made a mask that looks like this but of course not the same.

(Larry): If not, what face mask would
you suggest? I am a big fan of Billy Kilmer - that would mean a
single bar.

(Helmet Hut): One bar would be the one for Billy but don't forget he had a wild cat sweatband that set up
where those two holes are. We have these that you can mount in. Picture enclosed

(Larry): If I remove the present mask, it would leave two holes up above --
would it be feasible to mount a "cow catcher"?

(Helmet Hut): Well cow catchers were made in the 50s and would have
never been worn by the redskins during this era.

(Larry): What would be the best way to repaint it yellow? Sand all the red
paint off?

(Helmet Hut): Never necessary to sand a complete color off, you use all the paints as a great block sanding filler.

(Larry): How much would it cost to have Helmet Hut paint it Redskin yellow --

(Helmet Hut): To do a quick paint job and a wildcat sweat band and using your decals, it would be $100.00 plus shipping. This one will be easy since no cracks, holes or work on the inside.


See what I mean about the guys at Helmet Hut not only being very intelligent about their subject matter, but also taking the time to really take care of the customer.

So If you happen to be into the hobby of collecting and restoring football helmets, go to Helmet Hut on the web for help!

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