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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eventful Father's Day -- Not Everything Goes Well -- but Does It Ever?

It has been an event filled Father's Day. to my deep gratification, I received phone calls from both my sons -- David in Brooklyn, and Jonathan, who is currently on tour with Les Sans Culottes in Los Angeles. It was just heart warming to have them remember their old man.

I also received a wonderfully supportive e mail from Fr. John and later in the afternoon we had a good visit on the telephone, discussing many things, mainly the family reunion scheduled for the end of July, early August.

Early afternoon I organized a performance set as I worked a farm gathering of the Clark County Holstein Association near Abbotsford this evening.

Turns out I really needn't have worked that much on it as it was one of those "hell gigs" where the entire crowd talked through the entire performance. It's all right -- I got the check! Fortunately I spotted her early enough to slam on the brakes, sending all my sound equipment up against the back of my front seats. I think the fact that earlier today I had decided I was going to run at 55 mph for the entire trip to help save fuel might have saved my life or at least saved myself a lot of car damage.

Last Friday night I got in touch with my old teaching career (sort of) making 6 pizzas for 12 14 year olds at a birthday party for Adam Wendt.

Adam's dad, Ron, has done a lot of carpenter work for us over the years and through that I have gotten to know Adam quite well and he is a total joy to be around. His mom, Nancy, was a collegue of Kim's at Roosevelt School. I think Nancy told me that she has five years to go ti retirement.

I just checked the clock -- it's just past midnight -- and time for me to retire right now!


Post Script:

Matthew Capell also called today -- from Texas. He and Dianne are back for the summer. Sure would be nice to see him!

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