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Friday, June 6, 2008

Beginning To Ponder Next (and hopefully last) Helmet Project

Once I get started with an interest, it overwhelms me, takes control of a lot of my day and time. Such is it with the collection and reconditioning of football helmets that has been driving me the past year.

Listen -- I have learned a few things over the past year. number one -- write the seller and ask a lot of questions before you bid. I have a Spalding helmet that was touted as being a 7 and 3/8 -- well, maybe in Munchkin Land! Luckily, I didn't bid very high on it and some day I will put it up for sale on eBay myself -- but with a little more truth!

I keep telling myself that this is the last time I am going to sit and gawk at the latest helmet listings, but then here I go again! The Wilson helmet pictured was described as being a 7 1/2 to 7 3/8 in size -- but did I ask if that was adult? Well, no, I didn't because I stumbled upon it just as the auction was about to close with the bid at ninety nine cents!

So I thought, what the hell??? I will put a last minute bid of $1.25 on it -- certainly someone else will outbid me -- and if they don't, well, how bad can that be?

Amazingly, I won!

It hasn't arrived yet, although i did get a note from the seller that he shipped it three days ago so I should have it by Monday.

In the mean time, I dropped my helmet gurus at Helmet Hut an e mail showing them a picture of the Wilson helmet and asked them some questions. I explained that I have long been a Billy Kilmer (of the early 1970's redskins fame) and was interested in finding out what it would cost to have them repaint the helmet yellow -- thereby saving the brand new Riddell helmet I still have left to make into a Reggie White helmet -- and here is part of the reply I got. (I still can't tell you how customer-first oriented a company they really are!) (Gonna start another entry so that I can include the photo they went through the trouble of finding and sending along!


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