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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Letter To The School Board: Fire Klaus!

The Bill Klaus fiasco is reminiscent of our present federal administration who seem to think that they can damn well do anything they please (as long s they just claim that they "cannot recall") which makes them somehow above the law.

Now the school board membership of seven are split 3-3-1 regarding Klaus' firing. -- Mary Kneer being the one who has no opinion because, well, "she cannot recall" what went down in the board meetings.

How very embarrassing to give a quote like that to the newspaper! And she's blonde. She might have used that for an excuse as well.

Bill Klaus must be dealt with severely and fired immediately! He has damaged the reputation of Eau Claire's school system. Who knows how long it will take to recover?

I have not spoken with anyone who is not outraged with this situation. it is time for the board members to do what is morally right so that the healing may begin.

If not, the next step is a complete recall of our board of education membership.


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