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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Never Too Old to Rock And Roll? Debatable -- Can you say "Lookin' Foolish?"

My guitar playing son Jonathan's band, Les Sans Culottes, recently featured on CNN for bringing an international flavor to Rock in America, has been touring the last two weeks.

They were in L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, then rented a van and made the long cross country swing to play this past friday night at The Triple Rock Social Club on Cedar Avenue. Minneapolis -- thankfully within shouting distance of the freeway so that we didn't spend the night trying to find the club.

Being old and square, and believing what we are told, we arrived at 9 PM when the first band was scheduled to start. No one was in sight.

I can tell I have been away from the "scene" for some time. the youth that weRe hanging around outside the door (no smoking in a rock club -- CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? ) -- were tatooed, grungy and did not smell of Old Spice.

I found it a bit alarming to see the sign on the door that said "No firearms allowed on the premises" but as the evening wore on, I wished I had brought mine with me -- How does that old saying go? "Isn't it amazing what you see when you don't have a gun?"

The first band -- their name has escaped me already (thankfully) was a "power trio" and having arrived early we were blessed to be able to go through their sound check which even then required heavy concentrations of cotton balls in the ear canals.

At one point, a member of the "roadie" staff had to replace a blown horn on the monitor!

Jonathan arrive early enough that we were able to able to have a lenghty visit with him between the time the sound check was over and when Jon had to head next door to cash in his meal ticket. He was in great spirits, enjoying the tour immensely, and played well that night.

I talked with him on the cell on saturday afternoon as they we wending their way to Chicago and he was still flying high with the fun of touring with his mates.

So it was Chicago last night, then on to Detroit and finally back to NYC. good to see him having so much fun doing what he loves!

My ears are starting to unplug toay.


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