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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good Bye Directv! And Still No Check From Hitachi!

I received my July bill for Directv yesterday only to find that it had jumped from $61.45 a month to 72.00 a month -- and this so I can get some high definition programming, including the NFL Channel, but no movie channels.

Truth be told, I have not been a happy camper ever since I signed up with Directv. first they installed a faulty receiver that it took me months to get them to replace, and then they start nickel and diming me month by month.

So I called them and asked why the increase on my bill? Well, it's because you have been a good customer who has paid his bill on time everey month for an entire year -- your first year is up so the price goes up for the second year of your contract.

What kind do sense does that make????


So I told them I am canceling immediately! Then they started their little dance routine about cutting this and cutting that and blah, blah, blah -- which only angered me further. Then they told me that according to contract, for me to disconnect early, I will have to pay a fine of $124.00. So fine me!

So -- no more Directv. I never should have left my C Band programming in the first place. I called National Programming Service and set up my new package with them -- asking at the same time if High Def was now available through the big dish.

They said yes it is, but I will need to buy an add on General Instruments Motorola High Definition HDD200 High Def Decoder which will cost me an additional $350 some dollars.

The nearest dealer is in Waupaca, Wisconsin, and there is a good chance that Kim and I will be trekking over there this afternoon to pick one up.

I figure I would much rather own my own equipment than pay Directv $70 month.

Oh, by the way! We still don't have our refund back from Hitachi for that piece of shit television set that was picked up here well over a month ago.

So here's Larry's UNH-UNH, DON'T DO IT RECOMMENDATIONS; Don't buy anything made by Hitachi and stay away from Directv if you possibly can.

I really wish I wasn't such a TV-aholic. What I should be doing is signing up for Netflix! Anybody got comments about how they feel about that?


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mplspckr said...

we had netflix for a year -- it is fast and great and convenient and cheap.

then, we got directv with all the movie channels. it is expensive and they do keep raising rates, but they are my lifeline to Green Bay Packer football, otherwise I'd get landline cable (I'm in the city).