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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Ugly Face of Fascism

I stopped at Gander Mountain yesterday to purchase a fishing license for the season.

As I am walking back out to my vehicle, about 20 feet ahead of me is this tall, bearded guy, who is staring at my "Bush is a war criminal" sticker. He continues on his way but as I reach my vehicle he calls over his shoulder with a venom-filled voice: "LIBERAL!"

I mean it is as if he has just called me a child molester or even worse, a Republican.

I gave him the perfect answer. Nothing. Why give a piece of shit like that the satisfaction?

How dare I have a sticker that is telling the terrible truth for all to see? Americans, on the whole, don't want to accept the fact that this country has really taken a wrong turn and is despised for it all over the world.

We are living in frightening times, my friends -- frightening times.


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