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Thursday, July 3, 2008

With Kim's Birthday Coming Up On July 6, We Invest -- Last of My Helmet Collection

Yesterday I asked Kim what she wanted for her birthday, having forgotten that several months ago she expressed a desire to get the DVD series "Planet Earth".

So I went out to Borders to see if they carried it and they had one copy left in standard DVD ($79.99) and one copy left in Blu Ray ($99.99).

I cell phoned Kim to see what she wanted to do. Recently Sears had a sale on Blu Ray players so I had her call Sears. She called me back to tell me that he sale was over but that they had a Sony going for $399.99 and we decided to split the cost and go for it.

So I drive to Sears, fill out the papers, put it all on my charge card and then the dufus tells me that they don't have them in stock but will have one for me by July 10th after the holiday. (Good old Eau Claire. Remember how I told you that the city slogan should be: "We don't have it, but we can get it for you"?

So I begin driving home with Kim's "Planet Earth" in Blu Ray and nothing to play it on until the 10th. (Her birthday is July 6th!) As I near Sam's Club it dawns on me that I should have shopped around before I got into the deal at Sears -- but then -- at the time time I thought I was picking up product!

so I go into Sam's and guess what? They have the same player IN STOCK and for $10.00 cheaper.

So It's back to Sears and I tell him to cancel my order as I have "buyer's remorse." Then back to Sam's Club to pick up product. It took us no time at all to get the new Blu Ray player hooked up to the Sony Bravia as it uses an HDMI cable - plug it in at both ends and you're good to go.

If you haven't seen a BLu Ray DVD -- they are absolutely breath taking. And the "Planet Earth" series is a great way to introduce yourself to Blu Ray.

More good news yesterday. We FINALLY got the call from Hitachi that our check is being Fed Ex'ed and we should be receiving it today (July 3) and I will be able to get that debt for the Sony Bravia off my credit card once and for all.

Now it's time to look into Netflix!


A joke from Ron Keezer:

A man goes to visit his aging mother in the nursing home. As he pulls up the drive of the home, he sees six ladies (easily in their 80's) stretched out in the nude on blankets just off the drive way.

Startled beyond belief, he goes into the nursing home and to the staff office to ask what is going on?

"Oh, those women?" says the CEO. "They were all prostitutes in their younger days - we're having a yard sale."


The two "dark green Packer" face masks that I ordered from OnField well over a month ago finally arrived and I completed the work of decking out two brand new Riddell VSR2Y yellow helmets as Green Bay Packer helmets, both featuring the "Pete" Rozelle Memorium decal and the Superbowl XXXI decal on the back side of each .

I am presenting the helmet with the running back face mask as a gift to my marketer/booking agent, who is a tremendous Packer fan, and the other helmet which has a line backer face mask on it will be here at the office.

If anyone out there is interested in purchasing that helmet, leave a message at lheagle@larryheagle.com and we'll talk. Because base price on these helmets was $91 plus another $25 or the mask plus another 39.00 for the Packer decals, they are not cheap!

These helmets are the real thing! Not the kind you get at Scheels which are cheaply made and still sell for close to $100.00.


I also got an e mail from my pals at Helmet Hut down in Indiana. They are in the process of restoring a Wilson helmet to look exactly like the one that Billy Kilmer wore as a Washington Redskin in 1970. Hee's what the e mail said:

Hey Larry,

Your helmet was painted a couple days ago and turned out great. Will be reassembled and shipped on Monday. Would have gone out tomorrow but UPS will not be shipping and we would be more comfortable in waiting a couple more days for the paint to cure. Have a happy 4th!

Helmet Hut

This will conclude my helmet collecting! I have run out of money and room!

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