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Friday, July 4, 2008

I Am a C-Bander And Soon To Be a High-Def C-Bander! Screw Directv

Heard from my good reader MPLSPCKR out of the Twin Cities and he recommends Netflix highly. We signed up yesterday and have a list of eight movies scheduled, five in Blue-Ray.

I bought Kim the "Planet Earth" DVD series in Blue-Ray for her birthday and we watched the first part yesterday. Blue-Ray is MAGNIFICENT!

Oh, and we finally got the check from Hitachi yesterday as well -- good timing! Applied part of the money to the Sony blue-Ray DVD player. (Thank God our dealings with that shit company are finally over)!

Thanks, MPLSPCKR for your input. Without Directv, I lose ESPN as ESPN refused the C Banders access to their signal -- so it looks like I will be going out to a Sports Bar to catch all the Packer Monday night games, including the opening game of the season against the Queens.

Brett is in the middle of all sorts of rumors again. We may not be retiring that #4 jersey after all! Ted Thompson would be a fool not to welcome Brett back for another season -- especially in light of the things that Aaron Rogers had to say about Packer fans this past week.

Truth be told, I really don't think Rogers is the future of the franchise. I know that he really hasn't had a chance to prove himself, but anybody that can pull a hammy in practice is not exactly the toughest guy in the NFL.

At any rate, this football season is going to be an interesting one.

I have this overwhelming feeling that just because the Pack did so well last season doesn't mean they can do it again this year -- with or without Mississippi at the helm. Could very well lay a big old rotten egg.

Is that negativity creeping in? Stop it!

This will be the first season that I won't even be considering going to a game at Lambeau since tickets have jumped from $50 - $75 a pop since last year.

It has gotten to be a rich man's game -- one that I can't play! so I will pop a cold Leinie's and watch the games in high definition at home -- and fuck Directv!

They called me yesterday and begged me to reconsider my decision. Beg on! Be gone!

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